Each portrait session for Portrait Biographies™ is a quest…a journey in itself.

Yesterday was no different. I invited one of my contributors to my favorite part of Colorado in search of something new for her to experience in this state…and we found just what we were looking for.

The two of us, with my trusty assistant/husband/mountain goat gracefully (and not so gracefully) descended down a steep “scree” embankment into a magical place that screamed for a nature selfie (I could almost hear it asking me to take its portrait…no joke!).

It seemed as if nothing else existed for the hour.

The thunder of the waterfall, the beauty of our surroundings, the majesty of something so much bigger than ourselves. It spoke. It moved. It created an experience that we will never forget.

No matter how “big” or “small” it always takes courage to embark on a quest.

Sometimes it’s a leap of faith.

Sometimes it’s a calculated and careful path.

The unknowns can be terrifying. The lack of control can be humbling. The battle between wonder and focused attention can be exhausting…but,

The outcome can be exhilarating!

Each of us have a series of life quests to journey through and I believe that Journey 12 will be relatable, authentic and exhilarating.

Make it a priority to attend the unveiling of this Journey on October 1st in person. You won’t be disappointed…in fact, you’ll probably be inspired!