Four weeks ago I showed up. I let go of all the masks and just uncovered a huge part of my past…in front of seventy-something people.

I called this event a “Book Release Party” and the “Uncovering of Portrait Biographies Journey 14”.

Amanda Owen, author of The Power of Receiving calls it a “monster celebration”.

“Instead of embracing all of who we are, we tuck away certain parts.  But they don’t go anywhere. These run your life from behind the scenes.  They produce anxiety and interfere with you goal. They are the gatekeepers and stand between you and your goal. Just as you would help a shy person at a party to feel more comfortable, receive and embrace these outcasts.  Help them feel accepted and included. They have something to say to you.  Listen to them.”

I was terrified! In the moments just before this so-called party and I opted out of the greetings throughout the gallery and hid in the bathroom.

Am I gonna puke?

Am I gonna cry?

Can I even do this?

I knew all the answers to these questions and yet, in the quiet of the tiny bathroom, I started to doubt.

Doubt is an ugly thing. I felt like it truly was the “devil” on my shoulder: the liar and the judge.

My inner light vs. shame and darkness.


I knew it was my husband, Gavin, knocking at the bathroom door, patiently reminding me that I couldn’t hide in the bathroom all night. People were here to listen to my story. I wanted to tell it and I needed to be heard.

I’m so glad I did.

I’ve spent the following weeks processing the events of the evening. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve felt a huge sense of relief and have realized that this event, this sharing of my journey, was a true release.

It was a breathtaking release from the unachievable “constantly striving towards perfection or the relentless pursuit thereof” motto from my past.

It was a uncovering of a label that was encroaching on my present life and a release of the boundaries that I had placed on my future.

It was a release from self-judgment, shame and a burden too heavy to continue to carry.

It was a full blown monster celebration!

Today, I sit in my favorite chair, by a beautiful fire, overlooking the best views in the southwest region of Colorado and I realize that all of this…ALL of it, was/is a preparation of something far greater for me…by something far greater than me.

I am stoked.

I am ready.

I am ALL IN!

If you want to experience this release/uncovering/monster celebration first hand join me in Denver, Colorado on January 7th for the second book release party and the uncovering of my own personal journey, Journey 14: The Awakening.

I won’t puke.

I might cry (who cares anyway?).

I can do this.

…and I won’t hide in the bathroom this time!

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