On Thursday evening, before the latest Portrait Biographies™ exhibit unveiling I spent some alone-time talking to the contributor, Valerie.

There’s always a bit of fear that comes up for the contributors before they stand before a crowded room and share their journey.

Thursday was no exception.

It was another reminder that we are all connected. Valerie mentioned that fear of failure was a driving force in her life as a swimmer…as a human.

This has resonated with me ever since.

It reminds me of my own fear. It’s the kind that sneaks up on me in the middle of a portrait session, portrait unveiling and when I dream big about how I wanna show up in this life.

“Try and fail but never fail to try.” – Jared Leto

Valerie and I both decided that it would be better to try and to fail, than to never even try in the first place. She stood tall on Thursday evening and shared her journey among friends, family and strangers.


Success tastes so good. It warms the soul, brings happy tears to the eyes, travels tingles throughout the body and gives the heart the promise of possibility.

“Try. It’s worth the possibility of failure, because success tastes so sweet!”

– Sarah Curry