Is it possible that the portrait exhibit that was created with my hands, my mind, my heart and my soul was unknowingly created for me as much as it was for the contributors (subjects)?

Totally possible. Totally 100%.

Before the unveiling of each Portrait Biography™ Interactive Exhibit I tell guests that this project started as a “cool art show idea”. That is really all it started out to be…but then it immediately morphed into this amazing and cathartic experience.

The contributors. These beautifully brave souls are the ones who have propelled this experience into the heavens.

Last night, before the unveiling, Paquita (the contributor) said to me:

“Sarah, I had no idea that this would happen. After talking to you, and opening up about the past that I haven’t talked about freely, it has brought so much stuff to the surface. I dream about it. I can’t stop thinking about it. These are things that I have kept stuffed inside me for so many years.”

She likened the experience…and the hard knocks of life…to when a person has a splinter up underneath the skin. It will burry itself. It will fester. It will get dark, dirty and infected. And then it will start working it’s way out. It can’t be forced. It moves when it is ready.

Paquita moved last night and her journey inspired others.

We all understand FEAR, BETRAYL, SHAME and LOSS.


Even me.

Sometimes it’s still dark, dirty and infected…buried deep inside me, but on nights like last night, the light of authenticity burns so bright and touches the deepest parts of my soul.