In less than two weeks I will be releasing the first edition of Portrait Biographies™ Anthology One.

Honestly, it’s quite surreal.

This creation has been formed by countless hours of soulful connection between myself and thirteen beautifully brave contributors (subjects).

Because of their authentic display of growth, healing and courage, I too have decided that it’s time to share my journey.

On December 3rd, as we celebrate the release of Portrait Biographies™ Anthology One I will be unveiling my journey. Journey 14: The Awakening

I have caught the contributors before me in evil little giggles and wide-eyed stares because they realize what I have signed up for. It’s only fair…they have given so much by sharing their struggles, celebrations and life growth with all of us. The biggest gift of gratitude that I can give to them is to stand among them and share my journey.

I think I might throw up. Seriously.

Between the release of the book and the unveiling of my story, I am one huge ball of emotions.

Here’s the thing though, I am not alone.

If I have learned one thing through the creation and sharing of Portrait Biographies™ is is that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. My story is very specific to me…but the feelings of despair, shame and loss are universal.

I am ready to unveil my journey…and my life.

Join me on December 3rd at 6:30pm for an authentic display of life and a celebration of the past thirteen contributors.

Ticket sales for this event are $5. Purchase your tickets here.

Pre-order your copy of the Portrait Biographies™ Anthology One.